to the Farmstead Subdivision in Berthoud, Colorado where good living grows naturally. Berthoud, Colorado is a close community with a rich history. From the days of its early settlement, Berthoud has been known as a farming and agricultural haven. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, along the Little Thompson River and away from big city noise and congestion, Berthoud offers direct and stunning views of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker. The combination of all of Berthoud's unique qualities defines its wonderful identity and makes Berthoud an ideal place to live. Farmstead's vision is to preserve and promote Berthoud's heritage with clean, modern, attainable country farm living and quality of life.


Features Include

No Metro District
No Metro District means much lower property taxes.

Non-Potable Water System
Using non-treated water for irrigation can save the homeowner hundreds on water costs.

Architecture Will Be Unique to Northern Colorado
Paying tribute to Old Town Berthoud farming community.

Neighborhood Trail System 
Our Neighborhood Trail System connects the Regional Trail System, Pioneer Park, the future Elementary site and Old Town Berthoud.

Great Living
We have great views of the Rocky Mountains and quite living with easy commutes.