We are pleased to present to the Berthoud community our immediate plans for development of portions of Fickel Farm.

Connection from Farmstead to Mountain Ave. (Click on map to enlarge)

The design process started with the primary goal in making the connection from the west side of the Farmstead (Phase I) north to Mountain Ave. (Hwy 56). This connection has many benefits. There is a crying need for this connection and it has always been planned since the initial Fickel Farm PUD. We have heard numerous comments from neighbors and members of the community that this connection needs to be made. The drive behind this next phase of development is in response to that outcry. What this connection will do is, like a heart bypass, divert traffic from the Farmstead away from Mary’s Farm. This will also allow Mary’s Farm residents to access that neighborhood before the roundabout located at 1st St.

Reconstruction of Alley Ways. (Click on map to enlarge)

The next design feature that this phase of construction will provide is the regrading, widening, and resurfacing of the adjoining alley ways. The adjoining alley ways are in rough shape and do not drain properly. Construction of this phase of development allows us to not only widen the alleys to 20’ wide but also allows us to resurface them to a proper grade.


Expansion of Pioneer Park. (Click on map to enlarge)

This proposed street design lends itself to an expansion of Pioneer Park with open street views of the park itself and Pioneer Park Pond. In addition to meeting the open space requirements for development, Berthoud Homes, llc is prepared to donate close to 2 more acres of land to expand Pioneer Park.

Undeveloped Tracts. (Click on map to enlarge)

As stated at the beginning, the intent and drive of this design was to make the much needed connection to Mountain Ave. As such, right now we are only developing the portion of Fickel Farm necessary to make that connection. This leaves two (2) open tracts for future development. When those tracts eventually get developed, it will be under an entirely new review process that the community and Town will be involved with.

Connection of Pathway (Click on map to enlarge)

Farmstead includes an 8’ wide concrete pathway. When it is fully constructed, this pathway will eventually connect to the master trail system and extend east past County Rd. 1. Construction of this phase of development will include an 8’ wide concrete pathway that will complete the connection of Pioneer Park to the Farmstead and then eventually east.

Boarding Mary’s Farm with like housing product as set forth in the original PUD. (Click on map to enlarge)

We have heard concerns raised from our neighbors in Mary’s Farm that the future development of Fickel Farm would have a housing product that doesn’t match that neighborhood. In response to this concern, we are planning on bordering the existing Mary’s Farm to the South and the existing Fickel Farm to the west with single family detached alley loaded product. The design of these homes are in the modern farmhouse style that will complement the look of the existing homes as well as the theme of the community. This will provide a nice transition as development moves north closer to Mountain Ave. To see some of the proposed home designs that are planned to be built please click here.

Dave Weekley Single Family Homes (Click on map to enlarge)

“The most important aspect of David Weekley Homes isn’t home building, it’s Our Purpose of Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives. As a company, we want to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone we touch and in all the communities in which we build. Our commitment to focusing on what’s really important sets us apart as a company, as an employer and as a neighbor.

David Weekley Homes strives to bring out the best in our people and provide a challenging work environment. Our Team Members are encouraged to utilize their potential to positively affect other people's lives, increase their own self-fulfillment, and enhance their own lives. Accolades like our 14 listings on the FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to Work For®" list show us we are on the right track!

A home is much more than shelter, it's a place where families join together to create memories. A David Weekley home is a symbol of Customer Satisfaction and personal attention. Enhancing the lives of our Customers is why we exist. The numerous Customer Satisfaction distinctions and the fact that 93% of our Customers would recommend us to their family and friends tell us we are living Our Purpose when it comes to our Customers.

David Weekley Homes is about more than just lumber and profits; we’re about community. Over the last 20 years, The David Weekley Family Foundation has given over $200 million to worthy causes and charitable organizations. More than that, our Team is always happy to help too – Team Members ride thousands of miles to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, hammer countless nails for Habitat for Humanity®, and work many, many volunteer hours for numerous charities throughout the country.”

Meritage Alley loaded Twin Homes 

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